NXP LPC LWIP port documentation  v0.80
LWIP port for LPC devices
NXP LPC board specific port files for LWIP


 Embedded Artists LPC1788 (EA1788) board
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR0   0x00
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR1   0x60
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR2   0x37
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR3   0x12
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR4   0x34
#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR5   0x56
void led_set (s32_t state)
 Set the EA1788 module red LED to an on or off state.
void board_setup (void)
 Setup EA1788 board for LWIP examples.
void board_get_macaddr (u8_t *macaddr)
 Populates the MAC address for the board.

Detailed Description

Some functions for the NXP LPC port are board specific. Each board has a specific set of functions that is used to setup or control a capability for that board. The functions may setup up board muxing or select a GPIO used to toggle an LED. Common functions are used in the lwip applications to setup board specific capabilities.

Define Documentation

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR0   0x00

Hardware MAC address field 0

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR1   0x60

Hardware MAC address field 1

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR2   0x37

Hardware MAC address field 2

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR3   0x12

Hardware MAC address field 3

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR4   0x34

Hardware MAC address field 4

#define LPC_EMAC_ADDR5   0x56

Hardware MAC address field 5

Function Documentation

void board_get_macaddr ( u8_t *  macaddr)

Populates the MAC address for the board.

This function sets the MAC address used for the EA1788 board. Although this can be replaced with something more capable, it simply uses a hard-coded MAC address for this example.

void board_setup ( void  )

Setup EA1788 board for LWIP examples.

This function sets up the LED and ethernet pin muxing for the LPC1788 as used on the EA1788 board.

void led_set ( s32_t  state)

Set the EA1788 module red LED to an on or off state.

This function sets the LED to an on or off state for the board. The red LED on the EA1788 CPU module is used.

[in]stateNew LED state, 0 = off, !0 = on