NXP LPC LWIP port documentation  v0.80
LWIP port for LPC devices
httpd raw server


void SysTick_User (u32_t ms)
 SysTick IRQ user handler and timebase management.
int main (void)
 Application entry point.

Detailed Description

This example shows how to use a HTTP server. The example can be built with a static or DHCP obtained IP addresses and copied or zero-copy buffers. Once the system is initialized, a single while(1) loop is used to handle the main system tasks including timers and PHY status. The LED on the board module will indicate if a cable is plugged into the board (on = cable attached).

Function Documentation

int main ( void  )

Application entry point.

Does not return
void SysTick_User ( u32_t  ms)

SysTick IRQ user handler and timebase management.

This function is called by the Systick timer when the timer count is updated. It does nothing in this application, but can be used for the ARP timer or PHY monitoring.

[in]msNumber of milliSconds since the timer was started