LPCOpen Platform  v1.03
LPCOpen Platform for NXP LPC Microcontrollers
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LPCOpen download and installation information

LPCOpen source and projects package
The LPCOpen platform source and project package is released as a single ZIP file with support for multiple devices and boards. The latest version of the LPCopen package can be download at:
LPOpen software package page on LPCware.com

LPCOpen documentation
The LPCOpen documentation package consists of descriptions of examples, APIs, and other information about the LPCOpen platform. The LPCOpen documentation packages is available online or as a separate downloadable ZIP file that is not part of the LPCOpen source and projects package.
LPOpen documentation package page on LPCware.com
LPOpen online documentation pages on LPCware.com

LPCOpen installation - PLEASE READ THIS!
Installing LPCOpen is simple! Just unzip the LPCOpen ZIP file somewhere on your host system!
All projects and examples are path relative and will automatically adapt to where the files are installed.
It is VERY HIGHLY recommended to install LPCOpen close to the root directory, as the arguments passed to the build tools can be get fairly long and cause environment issues. If you install the LPCopen platform directory too deep in your filesystem, the paths passed as arguments to build programs may exceed the limit for passed arguments.
The recommended installation directory is: c:/LPCOpen

Optional components needed for some LPCOpen examples
emWin download and installation

LPCOpen release history
LPCOpen versioning and release history

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