WWDT TC addressOffset = 0x004

The TC register determines the time-out value. Every time a feed sequence occurs the value in the TC is loaded into the Watchdog timer. The TC resets to 0x00 00FF. Writing a value below 0xFF will cause 0x00 00FF to be loaded into the TC. Thus the minimum time-out interval is T_ WDCLK × 256 × 4.

If the WDPROTECT bit in WDMOD = 1, an attempt to change the value of TC before the watchdog counter is below the values of WDWARNINT and WDWINDOW will cause a watchdog reset and set the WDTOF flag.

Table 1. WWDT registerName = TC addressOffset = 0x004
Bit Symbol Description Reset Value
23:0 COUNT Watchdog time-out value. 0x00 00FF
31:24 - Reserved, user software should not write ones to reserved bits. The value read from a reserved bit is not defined. NA