WWDT Register description

The Watchdog Timer contains the registers shown in WWDT Register overview: Watchdog timer (base address 0x4000 4000).

The reset value reflects the data stored in used bits only. It does not include the content of reserved bits.

Table 1. WWDT Register overview: Watchdog timer (base address 0x4000 4000)
Name Access Address offset Description Reset value Reference
MOD R/W 0x000 Watchdog mode register. This register contains the basic mode and status of the Watchdog Timer. 0 WWDT registerName = MOD addressOffset = 0x000
TC R/W 0x004 Watchdog timer constant register. This 24-bit register determines the time-out value. 0xFF WWDT registerName = TC addressOffset = 0x004
FEED WO 0x008 Watchdog feed sequence register. Writing 0xAA followed by 0x55 to this register reloads the Watchdog timer with the value contained in WDTC. NA WWDT registerName = FEED addressOffset = 0x008
TV RO 0x00C Watchdog timer value register. This 24-bit register reads out the current value of the Watchdog timer. 0xFF WWDT registerName = TV addressOffset = 0x00C
- - 0x010 Reserved - -
WARNINT R/W 0x014 Watchdog Warning Interrupt compare value. 0 WWDT registerName = WARNINT addressOffset = 0x014
WINDOW R/W 0x018 Watchdog Window compare value. 0xFF FFFF WWDT registerName = WINDOW addressOffset = 0x018