WWDT FEED addressOffset = 0x008

Writing 0xAA followed by 0x55 to this register will reload the Watchdog timer with the WDTC value. This operation will also start the Watchdog if it is enabled via the WDMOD register. Setting the WDEN bit in the WDMOD register is not sufficient to enable the Watchdog. A valid feed sequence must be completed after setting WDEN before the Watchdog is capable of generating a reset. Until then, the Watchdog will ignore feed errors.

After writing 0xAA to WDFEED, access to any Watchdog register other than writing 0x55 to WDFEED causes an immediate reset/interrupt when the Watchdog is enabled, and sets the WDTOF flag. The reset will be generated during the second PCLK following an incorrect access to a Watchdog register during a feed sequence.

It is good practice to disable interrupts around a feed sequence, if the application is such that an interrupt might result in rescheduling processor control away from the current task in the middle of the feed, and then lead to some other access to the WDT before control is returned to the interrupted task.

Table 1. WWDT registerName = FEED addressOffset = 0x008
Bit Symbol Description Reset Value
7:0 FEED Feed value should be 0xAA followed by 0x55. NA
31:8 - Reserved, user software should not write ones to reserved bits. The value read from a reserved bit is not defined. NA