USART Configure the USART clock and baud rate

All three USARTs use a common peripheral clock (U_PCLK) and, if needed, a fractional baud rate generator. The peripheral clock and the fractional divider for the baud rate calculation are set up in the SYSCON block as follows:

  1. Configure the UART clock by writing a value UARTCLKDIV > 0 in the USART peripheral clock divider register. This is the divided main clock common to all USARTs.

    SYSCON UARTCLKDIV addressOffset = 0x094

  2. If a fractional value is needed to obtain a particular baud rate, program the fractional divider. The fractional divider value is the fraction of MULT/DIV. The MULT value is programmed in the UARTFRGMULT register and the DIV value is programmed with the fixed value of 256 in the UARTFRGDIV register in the SYSCON block.


    The following rules apply for MULT and DIV:

    • Always set DIV to 256 by programming the UARTFRGDIV register with the value of 0xFF.
    • Program any value between 0 and 255 in the UARTFRGMULT register.

    SYSCON UARTFRGMULT addressOffset = 0x0F4

    SYSCON UARTFRGDIV addressOffset = 0x0F0

  3. In asynchronous mode: Configure the baud rate divider BRGVAL in the USARTn BRG register. The baud rate divider divides the common USART peripheral clock by a factor of 16 multiplied by the baud rate value to provide the baud rate = U_PCLK/16 x BRGVAL.

    USART BRG addressOffset = 0x020

  4. In synchronous mode: The serial clock is Un_SCLK = U_PCLK/BRGVAL.

USART clocking

For details on the clock configuration see:

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