SYSCON UARTFRGMULT addressOffset = 0x0F4

All USART peripherals share a common clock U_PCLK, which can be adjusted by a fractional divider:


UARTCLKDIV is the USART clock configured in the UARTCLKDIV register.

The fractional portion (1 + MULT/DIV) is determined by the two USART fractional divider registers in the SYSCON block:

  1. The DIV denominator of the fractional divider value is programmed in the UARTFRGDIV register. See SYSCON registerName = UARTFRGDIV addressOffset = 0x0F0.
  2. The MULT value programmed in this register is the numerator of the fractional divider value used by the fractional rate generator to create the fractional component to the baud rate.

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Table 1. SYSCON USART fractional generator multiplier value register (UARTFRGMULT, address 0x4004 80F4) bit description
Bit Symbol Description Reset value
7:0 MULT Numerator of the fractional divider. MULT is equal to the programmed value. 0
31:8 - Reserved -