SYSCON SYSOSCCTRL addressOffset = 0x020

This register configures the frequency range for the system oscillator. The system oscillator itself is powered on or off in the PDRUNCFG register. See SYSCON registerName = PDRUNCFG addressOffset = 0x238.

Table 1. SYSCON registerName = SYSOSCCTRL addressOffset = 0x020
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
0 BYPASS   Bypass system oscillator 0x0
    0 Disabled. Oscillator is not bypassed.  
    1 Enabled. PLL input (sys_osc_clk) is fed directly from the XTALIN pin bypassing the oscillator. Use this mode when using an external clock source instead of the crystal oscillator.  
1 FREQRANGE   Determines oscillator frequency range. 0x0
    0 1 - 20 MHz frequency range.  
    1 15 - 25 MHz frequency range  
31:2 - - Reserved 0x00