SYSCON SYSMEMREMAP addressOffset = 0x000

The system memory remap register selects whether the exception vectors are read from boot ROM, flash, or SRAM. By default, the flash memory is mapped to address 0x0000 0000. When the MAP bits in the SYSMEMREMAP register are set to 0x0 or 0x1, the boot ROM or RAM respectively are mapped to the bottom 512 bytes of the memory map (addresses 0x0000 0000 to 0x0000 0200).

Table 1. SYSCON registerName = SYSMEMREMAP addressOffset = 0x000
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
1:0 MAP   System memory remap. Value 0x3 is reserved. 0x2
    0x0 Boot Loader Mode. Interrupt vectors are re-mapped to Boot ROM.  
    0x1 User RAM Mode. Interrupt vectors are re-mapped to Static RAM.  
    0x2 User Flash Mode. Interrupt vectors are not re-mapped and reside in Flash.  
31:2 - - Reserved -