SYSCON MAINCLKSEL addressOffset = 0x070

This register selects the main system clock, which can be the system PLL (sys_pllclkout), or the watchdog oscillator, or the IRC oscillator. The main system clock clocks the core, the peripherals, and the memories.

Bit 0 of the MAINCLKUEN register (see SYSCON MAINCLKUEN addressOffset = 0x074) must be toggled from 0 to 1 for the update to take effect.

Table 1. SYSCON registerName = MAINCLKSEL addressOffset = 0x070
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
1:0 SEL   Clock source for main clock 0
    0x0 IRC Oscillator  
    0x1 PLL input  
    0x2 Watchdog oscillator  
    0x3 PLL output  
31:2 - - Reserved -