SPI RXDAT addressOffset = 0x014

The read-only RXDAT register provides the means to read the most recently received data. The value of SSEL can be read along with the data.

For details on the slave select process, see SPI Slave select.

Table 1. SPI registerName = RXDAT addressOffset = 0x014
Bit Symbol Description Reset value
15:0 RXDAT Receiver Data. This contains the next piece of received data. The number of bits that are used depends on the FLen setting in TXCTL / TXDATCTL. undefined
16 RXSSEL_N Slave Select for receive. This field allows the state of the SSEL pin to be saved along with received data. The value will reflect the SSEL pin for both master and slave operation. A zero indicates that a slave select is active. The actual polarity of each slave select pin is configured by the related SPOL bit in CFG. undefined
19:17 - Reserved. -
20 SOT Start of Transfer flag. This flag will be 1 if this is the first data after SSEL went from deasserted to asserted (i.e., any previous transfer has ended). This information can be used to identify the first piece of data in cases where the transfer length is greater than 16 bit.  
31:21 - Reserved, the value read from a reserved bit is not defined. NA