SCTimer/PWM OUTPUT addressOffset = 0x050

The SCT supports 4 outputs, each of which has a corresponding bit in this register.

Software can write to any of the output registers when both counters are halted to control the outputs directly. Writing to the OUT register is only allowed when all counters (L-counter, H-counter, and unified counter) are halted (HALT bits are set to 1 in the CTRL register).

Software can read this register at any time to sense the state of the outputs.

Table 1. SCTimer/PWM registerName = OUTPUT addressOffset = 0x050
Bit Symbol Description Reset value
3:0 OUT Writing a 1 to bit n makes the corresponding output HIGH. 0 makes the corresponding output LOW (output 0 = bit 0, output 1 = bit 1,..., output 3 = bit 3). 0
31:4 - Reserved