SCTimer/PWM INPUT addressOffset = 0x048

Software can read the state of the SCT inputs in this read-only register in slightly different forms.

  1. The AIN bit represents the input sampled by the SCT clock. This corresponds to a nearly direct read-out of the input but can cause spurious fluctuations in case of an asynchronous input signal.
  2. The SIN bit represents the input sampled by the SCT clock after the INSYNC select (this signal is also used for event generation):
    • If the INSYNC bit is set for the input, the input is synchronized to the SCT clock using three SCT clock cycles resulting in a stable signal that is delayed by three SCT clock cycles.
    • If the INSYNC bit is not set, the SIN bit value is the same as the AIN bit value.
Table 1. SCTimer/PWM registerName = INPUT addressOffset = 0x048
Bit Symbol Description Reset value
0 AIN0 Input 0 state.Direct read. pin
1 AIN1 Input 1 state. Direct read. pin
2 AIN2 Input 2 state. Direct read. pin
3 AIN3 Input 3 state. Direct read. pin
15:4 - Reserved. -
16 SIN0 Input 0 state. -
17 SIN1 Input 1 state. -
18 SIN2 Input 2 state. -
19 SIN3 Input 3 state. -
31:20 - Reserved -