API description

The power profile API provides functions to configure the system clock and optimize the system setting for lowest power consumption.

Table 1. Power profiles API Power profile API calls
API call Description Reference
set_pll(command, result) Power API set pll routine Power profiles API set_pll routine
set_power(command, result) Power API set power routine Power profiles API set_power routine

The following elements have to be defined in an application that uses the power profiles:

typedef struct _PWRD {-->
	void (*set_pll)(unsigned int cmd[], unsigned int resp[]);-->
	void (*set_power)(unsigned int cmd[], unsigned int resp[]);-->
} PWRD;-->
#define ROM_DRIVER_BASE (0x1FFF1FF8UL)-->
#define LPC_PWRD_API    ((PWRD_API_T *) ((*(ROM_API_T * *)(ROM_DRIVER_BASE))->pPWRD))-->

See Boot ROM General description for how to include the ROM driver structure.