Power profiles API General description

The power consumption in Active and Sleep modes can be optimized for the application through simple calls to the power profile. The power configuration routine configures the LPC81x for one of the following power modes:

  • Default mode corresponding to power configuration after reset.
  • CPU performance mode corresponding to optimized processing capability.
  • Efficiency mode corresponding to optimized balance of current consumption and CPU performance.
  • Low-current mode corresponding to lowest power consumption.

In addition, the power profile includes routines to select the optimal PLL settings for a given system clock and PLL input clock.

Note: Disable all interrupts before making calls to the power profile API. You can re-enable the interrupts after the power profile API calls have completed.

The API calls to the ROM are performed by executing functions which are pointed by a pointer within the ROM Driver Table. Power profiles pointer structure shows the pointer structure used to call the Power Profiles API.

Power profiles pointer structure

LPC81x clock configuration for power API use