PINT Configure pins as pin interrupts or as inputs to the pattern match engine

Follow these steps to configure pins as pin interrupts:

  1. Determine the pins that serve as pin interrupts on the LPC81x package. See the data sheet for determining the GPIO port pin number associated with the package pin.
  2. For each pin interrupt, program the GPIO port pin number into one of the eight PINTSEL registers in the SYSCON block.
    Note: The port pin number serves to identify the pin to the PINTSEL register. Any function, including GPIO, can be assigned to this pin through the switch matrix.
  3. Enable each pin interrupt in the NVIC.

Once the pin interrupts or pattern match inputs are configured, you can set up the pin interrupt detection levels or the pattern match boolean expression.

See SYSCON PINTSEL addressOffset = 0x178 in the SYSCON block for the PINTSEL registers.