MRT STAT addressOffset = 0x00C

This register indicates the status of each MRT.

Table 1. MRT registerName = STAT[0:3] addressOffset = 0x00C
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
0 INTFLAG   Monitors the interrupt flag. 0
    0 No pending interrupt. Writing a zero is equivalent to no operation.  
    1 Pending interrupt. The interrupt is pending because TIMERn has reached the end of the time interval. If the INTEN bit in the CONTROLn is also set to 1, the interrupt for timer channel n and the global interrupt are raised.

Writing a 1 to this bit clears the interrupt request.

1 RUN   Indicates the state of TIMERn. This bit is read-only. 0
    0 Idle state. TIMERn is stopped.  
    1 Running. TIMERn is running.  
31:2 -   Reserved. 0