MRT INTVAL addressOffset = 0x000

This register contains the MRT load value and controls how the timer is reloaded. The load value is IVALUE -1.

Table 1. MRT registerName = INTVAL[0:3] addressOffset = 0x000
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
30:0 IVALUE   Time interval load value. This value is loaded into the TIMERn register and the MRTn starts counting down from IVALUE -1.

If the timer is idle, writing a non-zero value to this bit field starts the timer immediately.

If the timer is running, writing a zero to this bit field does the following:

  • If LOAD = 1, the timer stops immediately.
  • If LOAD = 0, the timer stops at the end of the time interval.
31 LOAD   Determines how the timer interval value IVALUE -1 is loaded into the TIMERn register. This bit is write-only. Reading this bit always returns 0. 0
    0 No force load. The load from the INTVALn register to the TIMERn register is processed at the end of the time interval if the repeat mode is selected.  
    1 Force load. The INTVALn interval value IVALUE -1 is immediately loaded into the TIMERn register while TIMERn is running.