ISP-IAP API Copy RAM to flash (IAP)

See ISP-IAP API Write to RAM ISP for limitations on the write-to-flash process.

Table 1. ISP-IAP API IAP Copy RAM to flash command
Command Copy RAM to flash
Input Command code: 51_ (decimal)

Param0(DST): Destination flash address where data bytes are to be written. This address should be a 64 byte boundary.

Param1(SRC): Source RAM address from which data bytes are to be read. This address should be a word boundary.

Param2: Number of bytes to be written. Should be 64 | 128 | 256 | 512 | 1024.

Param3: System Clock Frequency (CCLK) in kHz.

Status code CMD_SUCCESS |

SRC_ADDR_ERROR (Address not a word boundary) |

DST_ADDR_ERROR (Address not on correct boundary) |



COUNT_ERROR (Byte count is not 256 | 512 | 1024 | 4096) |



Result None
Description This command is used to program the flash memory. The affected sectors should be prepared first by calling "Prepare Sector for Write Operation" command. The affected sectors are automatically protected again once the copy command is successfully executed. The boot sector can not be written by this command.