ISP-IAP API Blank check sectors ISP

Table 1. ISP-IAP API UART ISP Blank check sector command
Command I
Input Start Sector Number:

End Sector Number: Should be greater than or equal to start sector number.

Return Code CMD_SUCCESS |

SECTOR_NOT_BLANK (followed by <Offset of the first non blank word location> <Contents of non blank word location>) |



Description This command is used to blank check one or more sectors of on-chip flash memory.

Blank check on sector 0 always fails as first 64 bytes are re-mapped to flash boot block.

When CRP is enabled, the blank check command returns 0 for the offset and value of sectors which are not blank. Blank sectors are correctly reported irrespective of the CRP setting.

Example "I 2 3<CR><LF>" blank checks the flash sectors 2 and 3.