ISP-IAP API UART Communication protocol

All UART ISP commands should be sent as single ASCII strings. Strings should be terminated with Carriage Return (CR) and/or Line Feed (LF) control characters. Extra <CR> and <LF> characters are ignored. All ISP responses are sent as <CR><LF> terminated ASCII strings. Data is sent and received in plain binary format.

UART ISP command format

"Command Parameter_0 Parameter_1 ... Parameter_n<CR><LF>" "Data" (Data only for Write commands).

UART ISP response format

"Return_Code<CR><LF>Response_0<CR><LF>Response_1<CR><LF> ... Response_n<CR><LF>" "Data" (Data only for Read commands).

UART ISP data format

The data stream is in plain binary format.