I2C API PARAM and RESULT structure

The I2C ROM driver input parameters consist of two structures, a PARAM structure and a RESULT structure. The PARAM structure contains the parameters passed to the I2C ROM driver and the RESULT structure contains the results after the I2C ROM driver is called.

The PARAM structure is as follows:

typedef struct i2c_A {		 //parameters passedto ROM function-->
 	uint32_t num_bytes_send ;-->
	uint32_t num_bytes_rec ;-->
	uint8_t *buffer_ptr_send ;-->
	uint8_t *buffer_ptr_rec ;-->
	I2C_CALLBK_T func_pt; 		// callback function pointer-->
	uint8_t stop_flag;-->
	uint8_t dummy[3] ;         // required for word alignment-->
} I2C_PARAM ;-->

The RESULT structure is as follows:

typedef struct i2c_R {	     // RESULTs struct--resultsare here when returned-->
	uint32_t n_bytes_sent ;-->
	uint32_t n_bytes_recd ;-->
} I2C_RESULT ;-->