I2C API I2C ROM driver variables

The I2C ROM driver requires specific variables to be declared and initialized for proper usage. Depending on the operating mode, some variables can be omitted.

I2C API I2C Handle

The I2C handle is a pointer allocated for the I2C ROM driver. The handle needs to be defined as an I2C handle TYPE:

typedef void* I2C_HANDLE_T-->

After the definition of the handle, the handle must be initialized with I2C base address and RAM reserved for the I2C ROM driver by making a call to the i2c_setup() function.

The callback function type must be defined if interrupts for the I2C ROM driver are used:

typedef void (*I2C_CALLBK_T) (uint32_t err_code,uint32_t n)-->

The callback function will be called by the I2C ROM driver upon completion of a task when interrupts are used.