I2C API I2C Master Transmit Polling

Table 1. I2C API I2C Master Transmit Polling
Routine I2C Master Transmit Polling
Prototype ErrorCode_t i2c_master_transmit_poll(I2C_HANDLE_T*, I2C_PARAM*, I2C_RESULT* )
Input parameter I2C_HANDLE_T - Handle to the allocated SRAM area. I2C_PARAM - Pointer to the I2C PARAM struct. I2C_RESULT - Pointer to the I2C RESULT struct.
Return ErrorCode.
Description Transmits bytes in the send buffer to a slave. The slave address with the R/W bit =0 is expected in the first byte of the send buffer. STOP condition is sent at end unless stop_flag =0. When the task is completed, the function returns to the line after the call.