I2C SLVCTL addressOffset = 0x040

The SLVCTL register contains bits that control various functions of the I^ 2C Slave interface. Only write to this register when the slave is pending (SLVPENDING =1 in the STAT register, I2C registerName = STAT addressOffset = 0x004).

Table 1. I2C registerName = SLVCTL addressOffset = 0x040
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset Value
0 SLVCONTINUE   Slave Continue. 0
    0 No effect.  
    1 Continue. Informs the Slave function to continue to the next operation. This must done after writing transmit data, reading received data, or any other housekeeping related to the next bus operation.  
1 SLVNACK   Slave NACK. 0
    0 No effect.  
    1 NACK. Causes the Slave function to NACK the master when the slave is receiving data from the master (Slave Receiver mode).  
31:2 -   Reserved. Read value is undefined, only zero should be written. NA