GPIO W addressOffset = 0x000

Each GPIO pin has a word register in this address range. Any byte, halfword, or word read in this range will be all zeros if the pin is low or all ones if the pin is high, regardless of direction, masking, or alternate function, except that pins configured as analog I/O always read as zeros. Any write will clear the pin’s output bit if the value written is all zeros, else it will set the pin’s output bit.

Table 1. GPIO registerName = W[0:17] addressOffset = 0x000
Bit Symbol Description Reset value Access
31:0 PWORD Read 0: pin is LOW. Write 0: clear output bit. Read 0xFFFF FFFF: pin is HIGH. Write any value 0x0000 0001 to 0xFFFF FFFF: set output bit.
Note: Only 0 or 0xFFFF FFFF can be read. Writing any value other than 0 will set the output bit.
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