GPIO PIN0 addressOffset = 0x2100

Reading these registers returns the current state of the pins read, regardless of direction, masking, or alternate functions, except that pins configured as analog I/O always read as 0s. Writing these registers loads the output bits of the pins written to, regardless of the Mask register.

Table 1. GPIO registerName = PIN0 addressOffset = 0x2100
Bit Symbol Description Reset value Access
17:0 PORT0 Reads pin states or loads output bits (bit 0 = PIO0_0, bit 1 = PIO0_1, ..., bit 17 = PIO0_17). 0 = Read: pin is low; write: clear output bit. 1 = Read: pin is high; write: set output bit. ext R/W
31:18 - Reserved. 0 -