FLASHCTRL FLASHCFG addressOffset = 0x010

Access to the flash memory can be configured independently of the system frequency by writing to the FLASHCFG register.

Note: When using the Power API, do not change the waitstates in efficiency, low-current, or performance modes.
Table 1. FLASHCTRL registerName = FLASHCFG addressOffset = 0x010
Bit Symbol Value Description Reset value
1:0 FLASHTIM   Flash memory access time. FLASHTIM +1 is equal to the number of system clocks used for flash access. 0x1
    0x0 1 system clock flash access time.  
    0x1 2 system clocks flash access time.  
    0x2 Reserved.  
    0x3 Reserved.  
31:2 - - Reserved. User software must not change the value of these bits. Bits 31:2 must be written back exactly as read. -